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Titan Industries Inc. - The Fastest Growing Name In Conveyors

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Capabilities in Conveyor Engineering

In House Custom Conveyor Engineering Plus Advanced

CNC-Controlled Manufacturing


Conveyor Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing


Using SolidWorks® and AutoCAD® design and drafting software, our engineers and designers can promptly provide our customers with approval drawings for their orders. To ensure that every custom conveyor is precisely manufactured to our customers’ specifications, Titan uses advanced CNC controlled punching, forming and fabrication equipment.


How We Work


Titan Industries has a fully staffed in-house conveyor engineering and manufacturing operation.


We are willing to customize our standard conveyors or design custom solutions to meet our customers’ requirements with innovative ideas, but we continually strive to “keep it simple” and keep up a dialogue with our customers.


So that our customers can visualize what they are getting and check dimensions for critical clearances, we generate approval drawings for their scrutiny and review. After approval, we manage and track each job using the newest software capabilities. Then we deliver, on time and on budget.


State of the Art Engineering and Manufacturing Capability


SolidWorks® - The easy-to-use, intuitive 3D solid modeling capabilities allows Titan Engineers to quickly find the solution to your conveying needs. With SolidWorks, Titan engineers are able to design assemblies and test them before building any parts. Using SolidWorks to design the product, Titan engineers are able to shorten the design and manufacturing cycle.


AutoCAD® – Our engineers and designers are equipped with

AutoCAD design and drafting software, which lets us upgrade existing product lines and develop new product prototypes, in addition to providing approval drawings.


CNC Manufacturing – To ensure precision manufacturing, Titan uses advanced CNC controlled punching, forming and fabrication equipment.