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Assembly Line Automation

When you need a custom assembly line, Titan has the experience and product line to be your single source. Regardless of what you manufacture, Titan’s sales and engineering team can put together a system to exceed your expectations. From a single conveyor, to multiple custom conveyors integrated in sequence, you can be confident that your production line will start-up on time and on budget. And, if you prefer Titan use certain brand, type, or size components to align with your plant maintenance strategy, we will design our equipment accordingly.

In designing your assembly line, Titan will utilize our pre-engineered and proven conveyors such as slider beds, chain driven roller, belt driven, and slat conveyors which will then be customized and integrated for the application. Platforms of all types, including personnel work stations, are provided when elevation is needed.

Recent Examples of Assembly Line Automation:

Dual Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor for assembly production line

Chain Driven Conveyor assembly line

 Chain conveyor for assembly of garage door opener mechanism

Engine Assembly Line Conveyor Set-up

Assembly Line Set-up for Engine Manufactruing