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Titan Industries Inc. - The Fastest Growing Name In Conveyors

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Bulk Material Conveyors

Titan, an industry leader offers a variety of bulk handling conveyors to meet your needs. Whether it be sand, powders, fines and products less that 1" in size Titan can design and build a bulk handling system specifically for you. Titan bulk handling systems are versatile, and can be constructed of stainless with food grade belts for easy wash down.

You can count on Titan to keep your product moving for conveying, batching, blending or loading. Titan conveyors offer you quality, dependability with a minimum of maintenance to keep production flowing.

Cleated Belt Conveyor - Model 340

Model 340 Sidewall Conveyor, the ideal economical choice for handling powders, fines and product smaller than 1" in size. Options available for various levels of wash down, stainless and food handling requirements.

Trough Conveyor

Titan Model 460 Trough Conveyor can handle the rugged job of sand, industrial compounds delivered when you need them

Cleated Belt Conveyor - Model 340

Titan Model 304 with optional hopper for moving material.

Plastic Belt Compartmentalized Conveyor

Titan Plastic Belt Conveyor part of a system for moving four rows of pellets to packaging station.

Hopper Batch Handling

Titan designed hopper delivery system used for handling bulk batching of brewer ingredients.