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More than ever, manufacturers and system integrators are turning to Titan ConveyorsTM for our unique ability to provide exactly what is needed to make production line employees safe and efficient. Titan ConveyorsTM has the products and experience to provide innovative assembly line conveyor systems, from basic to complex. Most often, an assembly line system is a series of standard conveyors with custom features and options to suit the application. Titan ConveyorsTM has the advantage of over 40 standard conveyor models to choose from and an almost infinite number of available features options to customize your system. And when the application requires a completely custom design, Titan’s experienced design engineers have a long track record of innovative design from the ground up.

Automation Integrators and Robotics Integrators throughout North America select Titan as their partner for our ability to innovate and be flexible, provide drawings in both CAD and SolidWorks, and deliver on time with best in class lead times. Integrators often find it helpful for Titan to provide items such as pit plates and cable trays integrated with the conveyor design.

Challenge and Solution

A customer was looking for a powered roller conveyor assembly line system where some stations had the ability to rotate the product manually 360 degrees in 90 degree increments. Titan designed custom low profile manual turntables with 90 degree detents for carrying the product down the conveyor from station to station. The turntables were recirculated to the start of the line via an accumulation conveyor hidden underneath the assembly line powered roller conveyor.

Typical Conveyors Used in Appliance Manufacturing: