Tire And Wheel

Conveyor Systems

tire conveyor

Titan ConveyorsTM is a leader in the supply of complex conveyor systems for handling delicate rims, tires, and fully assembled wheels. The end users of these systems include most of the major foreign and domestic automakers, as well as third party assemblers that deliver tire and wheel sets to the automakers facilities. Protection of the product is paramount, so non-marking accumulation sleeves, plastic belts, and special skate wheel or UHMW side rails are often used. Titan not only supplies the special conveyors required for this application, but also “blank sheet of paper” designs to solve one of a kind handling challenges.

Challenge and Solution

A unique layout in a wheel handling system required wheel assemblies to be flipped over and to then be conveyed underneath their original path. Titan’s experienced design engineers developed and tested a first of a kind tire flipper. Perhaps best of all, the unit was non-powered.

Typical Conveyors Used in Tire and Wheel Conveyor Systems:

  • Powered roller conveyor typically forms the core of the system
  • Rollers are sleeved for accumulation and product protection
  • Structural frames and formed frames are available based on customer preference
  • Chain driven live roller conveyor
  • Motorized roller conveyor
  • Tire and Wheel escapements
  • Heavy duty pneumatic pin stops
  • Pop up chain transfers