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Specialty Conveyors

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Titan Industries designs and custom-builds specialty conveyors for special applications and plant floor layouts -Turntable, Solid Waste, Ball Transfer Table, Slat, Cooling & Drying, and Quench Feed models:

Specialty Conveyors

Call Titan Industries toll free at 800-558-3616 for more information or individual specialty conveyors specifications.

Available Specialty Conveyors and Systems

Conveyors Drive Speed Belt Sprockets Frame
Ball Transfer none manual none 50 lb. Capacity Balls Formed 12 Gauge
Cooling Conveyors & Drying Conveyors 1/2 H.P. 230/460/3/60 60 F.P.M 1/2" X 1" galv. flat wire mesh 13 Tooth 4.4" P.D. Formed 10 Gauge
Model 661 Solid Waste Chain Edge Belt Conveyor Sized Per Application 30 F.P.M. Heavy Duty P.V.C.or Rubber 8 Tooth, 15.68" P.D. Open Style
Model 680 Multi -Strand Chain Conveyor 1 H.P. 230/460/3/60 30 F.P.M. C2060or C2080 Chain Sized To Suit Formed 7 Gauge
Model 696 Slat Conveyor H.P. To Suit Application 30 F.P.M 7 ga., Formed V,Flat Plate, Wood 6 Tooth, 12" Pitch Diameter Formed 7 Gauge
Pallet Pro 1 H.P. 230/460/3/60 30 F.P.M. Heavy duty plastic mattop type Sized to Suit Formed 7 Gauge x 4-3/8" deep
Powered Turntable Conveyors 1/2 HP 230/460/3/60 2.5 R.P.M At Outside RIM None Sized To Suit 7 Gauge Top With Angle Iron Base
Pro Feed Steel Belt Parts Feeder 1/2 H.P. 230/460/3/60 10 F.P.M. Steel 5 Tooth, 4.25" P.D. Formed 12 Gauge
Quench Conveyor HP to Suit Application 10 F.P.M. Steel Sized to Suit Formed 10 Gauge
Table Top Conveyor 1/2 HP 230/460/3/60 60 F.P.M. Plastic, Steel, Stainless