Heavy Duty Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor Solutions

Titan Conveyors TM Model 660 will satisfy heavy-duty metal handling requirements.  Our uniquely designed radial side wing reduces the gap between the side wing and the apron reducing carryover, pinch points and belt damage.  Titan’s heavy duty construction and willingness to customize to your unique needs will provide a conveyor that will withstand years of heavy industrial use and increased efficiency.  Common applications are in the forging and foundry industries.


• 1/4” Think Hinge Plate                • 3/4“ Axle                                        • Hoppers

• 3” Dia. Flanged Rollers                • Double Outside Side Bars          • Discharge Chutes

• 6” Pitch                                                                                                    • Impact Plates 


Titan believes the success of your system lies in understanding the subtle details of your operation.  Titan’s engineers have the experience and knowledge you require, and they take the time to get it right, providing you with years of dependable operation, increased efficiency, and low maintenance costs.