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Roller Bed


Titan Conveyors offers roller bed belt conveyors when the loads are heavier than usual or when much longer lengths are required than a standard slider bed belt conveyor can handle.

Two different types of roller conveyors are offered. The Model 105 uses a 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge roller with a 7/16" hex shaft. The rollers can be mounted on 3", 4" or 6" centers depending on the application. A heavier roller and a larger diameter drive pulley can be used when the load or length dictates upgrading the standard unit.

The heavier rollers on Model 109 are  2-1/2" diameter x 11 gauge roller with an 11/16" hex shaft. The drive is upgraded from a 4" diameter drive pulley to an 8" diameter drive pulley.

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Available Roller Bed Conveyors and Systems

Conveyors Width Pulleys
Rollers Frame
Model 105 Roller Bed 8" to 42"
4" Dia. Crown Face Rubber Lagged Drive; 8" Dia. Drive Optional; 4" Dia. Crown Face Take-Up 1.9" dia. x 16 gauge
Formed 12 Gauge
Model 109 Roller Bed 8" or 72" 8" Dia. Drive; 4" Dia. Crown Face Take-Up 2.5" dia. x 11 gauge Formed 12 Gauge