Machine Tool Chip


machining tool chip conveyors

Titan was founded in 1981 on the premise that we could make a superior hinged steel belt conveyor for moving chips out of metalworking operations. A key Titan advantage is our exclusive tight tolerance Radial Sidewing which alleviates the most common frustrations with traditional chip conveyors.

No more:
- Jams and belt damage caused by material carry back and seepage into the return track.
- Belt wear caused by material pressed and pinched in the sidewings.

Other benefits include tough 10 gauge frames, all welded construction, and a wide range of standard and custom features and options.

There is simply no comparison to Titan chip conveyors and those provided as original equipment.

Challenge and Solution

A machine shop producing a high volume of chips continuously could not shut down the chip conveyor to change bins. Titan offered a discharge chute with a “pant leg” configuration and a pneumatic diverter to shift the flow of chips from one side of the pant leg to the other.

Typical Model Used for Chip Conveyors:

  • Model 610 when the infeed requires the lowest possible profile
  • Model 620 for most applications