When manufacturers need to remove fine chips, scrap, or sludge, they turn to the Titan Model 670 Drag Flight Chain Conveyor. The 2 -1/2” pitch chain has flights welded on 12 -1/2” centers to drag material up the conveyor pan rather than trying to move it on a belt, which is liable to jam when working with these kinds of materials. The result is much lower maintenance expense and more efficient handling than alternative methods.

Optional tanks, chutes, plumbing, and a variety of accessories are available to fit your application. The Titan Model 670 is often used as the basis for central chip collection systems.

Titan Conveyors™ believes the success of your system lies in understanding the subtle details of your operation.

Titan’s engineers have the experience and knowledge you require, and they take the time to get it right, providing you with years of dependable operation, increased efficiency, and low maintenance costs.