Ammunition Production and Destruction Conveyors

ammunition conveyor

Titan ConveyorsTM is a premier manufacturer of conveyors for handling ammunition and ammunition components. As a supplier of conveyors to every major manufacturer of ammunition in the United States, Titan has developed a line of specialized plastic belt, rubber belt, and steel belt conveyors for the careful handling of parts from lead projectiles to plastic wads to brass cups. And when manufacturers or the military need a partner to design something special for destruction of munitions, Titan is there for them as well.

In addition to our industry knowledge and experience, Titan is able to offer a portfolio of special features that are specific to the industry. For example, multi-lane belts, Lexan covers, and HVAC duct ports to name a few.

Typical Types of Conveyor Used in Ammunition Handling:

  • Model 350 Pro Feed for conveying parts out of hoppers
  • Model 304 and Model 310 cleated belt conveyors for parts that need to be handled softly
  • Model 620, when parts cannot afford to be pinched during processing
  • Model 630 for larger parts and when multiple lanes are required
  • Custom Plastic Belt conveyors, typically with steep inclines for elevating parts with a minimal footprint
  • Model 102 for pulling parts out of tight spaces