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Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors (CDLRs) are great for handling heavy product with smooth bottom or on pallets. CDLR’s are used for warehouse operations that handle steel sheet or structural shapes and using pallets or skids. This is a very versatile conveying unit for package handling, accumulation, and automobile tire handling systems. CDLR will handle large castings, forgings, parts with flat or smooth bottoms, and pallet transfer systems.  Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors are also available with Motorized Rollers.  See our Motorized Roller Conveyors Pages

Titan specializes in custom chain conveyors and powered roller conveyor systems. Titan has designed and build CDLR systems for heavy appliance assembly lines and engine assembly lines. We believe that a successful system is dependent on the details of your business. Our engineers have years of experience working with unique businesses like yours to help reach a solution that is dependable and increases efficiency for your business.

  • Model 519 – designed for medium loads and positive drive; order in lengths to suit different requirements; adjustable floor supports
  • Model 525 – ideal for handling heavy loads like pallets, skids and drums; adjustable floor supports
  • Model 526 – withstands heavy use; modular design fits individual system applications
  • Model 535 – ultra heavy-duty, 2500 lb. roller capacity; available with side or bottom mount drive
  • Model 595 – CDLR 90 degree Curve – tapered rollers help move heavy-duty pallets, skids and drums in a new direction; modular design to fit system application; for rugged industrial use
  • Model ZPA – Zero Pressure Chain Driven Accumulator collects product while keeping the production line moving; optional controls include time delay settings as well as accumulation and release modes.
  • Pop-Up Chain Transfers/Pallet Lifts – Pallet centering, pallet crowder, and/or pop-up stops for all the special pallet handling solutions.
  • Destacker Pallet Dispenser –  is designed to stack or de-stack pallets in automated pallet handling systems.
  • CDLR Conveyors are also available galvanized or stainless.

Chain Driven Live Roller Systems integrate curves, turntables, zone accumulation sections, and straight sections.

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Available Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors and Systems


Conveyors Rollers Centers Load Capacity Frame
Model 519 1.9″ dia. X 16 ga./Spring Loaded 7/16″ Hex Shaft 4″ 250# Per Roller Formed 10 Gauge
Model 525 2-1/2″ dia. X ga. Or 2-5/8/” dia. X 7 ga. 5″ 580# Formed 7 ga.
Model 526 2-5/8″ Diameter x 7 Gauge 5″ 600# Formed 7 ga.
Model 535 3-1/2″ x .300 wall Schedule 80 pipe 6″ 2500# Per Roller 6″ @ 8.2# Structural Channel
Model 595 90 Degree Curve 4-1/4″ Diameter x 11 Gauge Tapered to 2-1/2 Diameter 5 1/4″ 600# Heavy Duty welded 7 gauge
Model ZPA Zero Pressure Chain Driven Accumulator 2-1/2″ Diameter x 11 Gauge (or) 2-5/8″ Diameter x 7 Gauge 4 7/8″ to 12″ 580# 3/16″ Steel
Pallet Destacker/Dispense Formed 7 ga.
Pop-ups, Pallet Lifts, Pallet Centering Formed 7 ga.