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Slider Bed Belt


Titan Industries has developed a complete line of slider bed conveyors to solve you material handling problems. Slider Bed conveyors are among the most versatile conveyors they can be used in many types of material handling situations such as assembly line operations, sorting, packing, and inspection. Smaller models such as the Titan Model 102 are ideal for removing small parts or scrap from grinding, stamping and other machining operations.

Three different standard slider bed belt conveyors models are available to suit your requirements.

Slider Bed Conveyors

The Model 102 is lightweight rubber belt conveyor with a low profile frame (1-1/2" deep) designed primarily to remove parts and scrap from under dies.  Optional features include flared or vertical side rails, bottom-mounted drive, and a variety of belt types.

The Model 104 is a general duty slider bed for moderate applications. The 4" diameter pulleys still provides ample capacity. The unit can be provided with many accessories to give you a complete solution to your application.  Intended to be used with other units for continuous flow of materials.

The Model 108 is the heavy duty slider bed belt conveyor by Titan Industries. An 8" diameter drive pulley allows heavier loads to be conveyed over longer distances than the Model 104.  Can add length if needed. Rugged, but affordable.

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Available Slider Bed Conveyors and Systems

Conveyors Width Belt
Pulleys Frame
Model 102 "Mini-Pro"
Low Profile Belt Conveyors
4" to 24"
Black Oil Resistant 2" Diameter Crown Face Knurled Drive 1 1/2" Deep Formed 12 Gauge
Model 104 Slider Bed Belt 12" to 36" Black P.V.C. 4" Diameter Crown Face Rubber Lagged Drive 4" Diameter Crown Face Take-Up 4" Deep Formed 12 Gauge
Model 108 Slider Bed 12" to 72" Black P.V.C. 8" Diameter Crown Face Rubber Lagged Drive 4" Diameter Crown Face Take-Up 4" Deep Formed 12 Gauge