Titan Conveyors™ features the Motorized Roller Conveyor, a modular conveyor system utilizing a 24 volt DC motorized drive within a roller.  Adjacent rollers are slave-driven from it using chains, poly V-belts, or O-belts.  Loads up to 3900# can be moved with these clean and efficient motorized roller systems. 

Among many advantages of the Motorized Roller Conveyor are:

      • Maintenance free                          • Lower operating cost         • Plug & play controls

      • Lower power consumption             • Reversible                            • No awkward motor & gearbox

      • Quieter                                            • Dynamic braking                  • Low profile pop-up transfer

      • 24v Safety                                       • Variable speed 

Motorized roller conveyors are perfect for large zone controlled systems in assembly lines or unit handling of pallets and cases.

Titan believes the success of your system lies in understanding the subtle details of your operation.  Titan’s engineers have the experience and knowledge you require, and they take the time to get it right, providing you with years of dependable operation, increased efficiency, and low maintenance costs.