Conveyors for Recycling, Baling, and Shredding Conveyor Systems

recycling conveyor

At Titan ConveyorsTM, we specialize in custom recycling systems that are designed for years of maintenance free operation in hostile environments. Titan Conveyors have been utilized in virtually all conveying applications in waste material processing. Titan knows that when handling scrap material, “the devil is in the details” and so we listen very carefully to the application to be certain you get the features you need for trouble free operation.

The two most common applications supplied by Titan are:

  1. Feed conveyors and take away conveyors for balers and shredders
  2. Elevating conveyors for moving material into bins

Challenge and Solution: A customer needed a conveyor to feed a seaweed shredding operation overseas. Since the conveyor was to be used outdoors and it was to be run with a hydraulic motor, typical conveyor manufacturers would have turned the project down for being too far from a standard product. Titan took on the challenge without hesitation. An automotive grade paint system was used, along with stainless bearings and fasteners. The slider deck was modified to handle residual water and sealed clean-out ports were added to manage and accumulation of slime under the belt. The customer ultimately ordered a second unit.

Typical Conveyors Used in Recycling, Baling and Shredding Conveyor Systems: