Multi -Strand Chain Conveyor

Model Description:

Designed to move products that a standard roller conveyor can’t, the Titan Model 680 Multi – strand Chain Conveyor features a durable formed 7 gauge steel construction frame and is equipped with a standard double pitch chain that provides a 2,400 pound load capacity. The unit features a 1 horsepower 230/460/3/60 drive and provides a chain speed of 30 feet per minute. Equipment options include a second, heavier double pitch roller chain that can carry loads up to 4,000 pounds, an optional low profile drive. Ideal for heavy duty unit loads.  Best suited for products with unusual characteristics such as pallets or heavy tote pans.  Additional chain strands can be added to increase load capacities.

Titan Chain Transfers can be combined with many types of roller conveyors for unloading or transfer of pallets and totes.  Pictured below are Multi-strand transfers combined with Titan Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors.