Wire Mesh Parts Conveyor

Model Description:

When a conventional neoprene cleated belt conveyor will not handle certain applications, then you should consider the Titan Model 305 Wire Mesh Parts Conveyor. The heavy-duty construction, a standard 1/2″ x 1″ galvanized flat wire mesh belt, rugged 1-3/16″ diameter drive shaft and grease sealed bearings make this unit ideal for handling parts that have to be heat treated, washed, dried or quenched. The standard frame design incorporates 3-1/2″ high siderails and a completely enclosed bottom pan. Adjustable “H” type supports are furnished as standard with a portable undercarriage available as optional equipment. Numerous varieties of wire mesh belting are available for different types of applications. Contact your nearest dealer or the factory for further details.

Model 305 Wire Mesh Parts Conveyor Specifications:

Bearings: Grease Sealed

Belt: 1/2″ x 1″ Galvanized Flat Wire Mesh

Belt Speed: 60 F.P.M.

Drive: 1/2 H.P. 230/460/3/60

Frame: 6″ Deep Formed 12 Gauge

Paint: One Coat Industrial Enamel

Speed: 60 F.P.M.

Sprockets: 13 Tooth, 4.4″ P.D.

Supports: “H” Type Adjustable