Quench Conveyors

Quench conveyor

Titan’s Quench Conveyors are designed to quench, cool, or coat parts by submerging them in a liquid and then conveying them out. Quench Conveyors are always designed specific to your needs, and they can be designed to handle parts of any size, shape, and weight. Wire mesh belts, hinged steel belts, and mesh plastic belts are chosen depending on the application.

Titan will also design and supply a liquid tight tank specific to your application, and the tank can include any features you need to integrate it into liquid handling system. Custom tank covers and fittings for plumbing are the most common. Tanks are designed to be placed at floor level, or to be mounted in a pit. As shown in the photo, the conveyor can drag parts out of a tank, or the conveyor can be routed in and out of a tank.


  • Can be installed above the floor or in a pit

Liquid-tight tanks available in:

  • Separate tank unit
  • Integral
  • Part of a conveyor
  • Covers
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Drain plugs

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Titan believes the success of your system lies in understanding the subtle details of your operation. Titan’s engineers have the experience and knowledge you require, and they take the time to get it right, providing you with years of economical and dependable operation.