Forging Industry Conveyors

forge conveyor

A forging operation can be brutal on equipment. Titan ConveyorsTM, with our focus on heavy duty industrial conveyors and a wide range of models, can provide solutions throughout your forging operations. We listen carefully to the demands of the application, so your conveyor is designed from the start to hold up to the task. Something as simple as understanding exactly how the product is loaded onto the conveyor can make the difference in whether the conveyor lasts one year or twenty years.

Challenge and Solution

A new heat treating line was installed at a forge making parts for the heavy equipment industry. At the exit of the furnace the parts had to free fall more than six feet and then be cooled. With parts weighting up to fifty pounds, and a discharge span of five feet, a special conveyor was required that was wide enough and could handle the impact. Titan offered the Model 660 six inch pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor with impact plates on the belt surface to handle the impact and disperse the heat. The drive was designed to move the belt at a crawl, allowing the parts to have time to cool.

Typical Conveyor Used in the Forging Industry: